Works as hard as you, even harder.
Starting from 
IDR 22,499K

Indonesia’s Most Reliable 3D Printer

Proven 2-year+ lifetime

Full-year Warranty & Support

Free Starter Material & Filaments


Designed for Professionals

Build Volume Subsolid X

200 x 200 x 254mm (X-Y-Z)


Filament System:

Direct Drive Dual Reduction

E3D Titan Extruder

E3D v6 Hot-End

Capricorn Tube Frictionless Feeding

Filament Material:

All 1.75mm Filament

(PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, PVA, Wood, Flex, NinjaFlex)

Layer Resolution


400 microns (Z-axis)

100 microns (X and Y Axes)

Up to:

50 microns

Additional Features

Aluminum Heated Bed

HSHT Heating Elements

Wireless Printing

PEI Build Surface

Dynamic Lighting

Touch Screen Interface

Industrial-grade Components


Bulletproof PMMA Frame 

Rigid and robust build frame for finer print results.

Complete High Quality Print Bed

PEI build surface to ensure maximum first layer adhesion.

Aluminum build plate and silicone heater for faster heating and good heat transfer to the build surface.

Active Customer Support

You won’t be abandoned by us! Friendly and responsive customer support is just one call away.


6 months part warranty and 1 year service warranty to optimize your printing experience.

Original Design

First original 3DPrinter. This is the 3D Printer you would want on your desk.

What’s In The Purchase?

A Subsolid X 3D Printer

 Additional Build Platform for Nylon

Maintenance Kit

 Cleaning Kit

Starter eSUN Filaments Kit (2 pcs of your choice)